Introduction: Message Integrations

Learn how to build Mixmax Integrations

Message integrations are a way to for you to create a plugin that inserts content into a Mixmax message. For example, a user can send a survey, interactive slideshow, or propose meeting times - all from within your email.

This guide walks you through building "Hello World" examples of building on each of the integrations.

Types of integrations

Mixmax offers three ways to integrate your application with the Mixmax compose window.

  • Enhancements - Show up as icons in the Mixmax Enhance menu. Examples include Availability, SMS, and Poll. These have a picker UI that pops up in a new window and allows the user to configure them and insert content into the email.

  • Slash Commands - These integrations are accessed using the Mixmax command menu (typing “/” on a new line). Examples include Google Search and Giphy search. The user can pick from a list of search results streamed back as they type, then select one to insert content into the email.

  • Link Resolvers - When a user pastes a URL on a new line in the editor, Mixmax looks for a Link Resolver to convert the URL into a rich preview. Examples include LinkedIn and Instagram link previews that convert URLs into rich previews of the destination content.

Getting started

Message Integrations are added to Mixmax from your developer settings dashboard. However, you might want to start by reading through the three "Tutorial" sections, one for each integration type, to get you up and running with a working app. See the links in the previous section.


As a developer you're required to host your Mixmax integration on your own server using https. Mixmax will call RESTful APIs endpoints that you expose publicly.


When you're ready to release your integration to others - whether publicly to all Mixmax users or privately with others at just your company - just email us at [email protected] with your request.