Sequence Picker

The sequence picker SDK lets you add contacts to a Mixmax Sequence from your own website.

Using a few lines of HTML and Javascript, you can transform an ordinary HTML button into an "add to Mixmax sequence" button. When your user clicks that button, it will show a list of their sequences in a dropdown menu. When they select a sequence, your Javascript provides a list of contacts (email addresses and names) to be added to that sequence, ready for the user to send.


Example of the Mixmax SDK Sequence Picker button embedded in a third party product which shows a list of contacts that the user can select and add to the Mixmax sequence (using this API).


Clicking the "Add to Mixmax Sequence" button will show the user's Sequences


Selecting a sequence will open a new tab and add the recipients to the Sequence

Adding a sequence picker button to your website

  1. Load the widget SDK into your website as described here.

  2. Create a new <div> element with a mixmax-add-sequence-recipients-button class to allow Mixmax's widgets JavaScript to discover the element and enhance it into a sequence picker button.

  3. Set a data-recipients-function attribute whose value is the name of a global function. When the user clicks on the button, this function will be called with a single parameter, a callback. The function should invoke this callback with an array of recipients to add to the sequence selected by the user. These recipients should have the structure shown here.


<script defer src=""></script>

<div class="mixmax-add-sequence-recipients-button"

<script type="text/javascript">
  // For an example of where this data might come from, see
  window.getRecipients = function(done) {
      email: '[email protected]',
      variables: {
        Email: '[email protected]',
        'First Name': 'John',
        'Last Name': 'Smith'
      scheduledAt: false

Video Tutorial