/contacts [deprecated]

Lists all your Mixmax Contacts (ie people you've emailed using Mixmax). Does not currently return contacts shared with you via shared contact groups (a performance limitiation).



This endpoint is now marked for deprecation. While this endpoint is still functional, it will be phased out in the future and should not be used in new development efforts.

A Mixmax contact is automatically created for every person you communicate with in Mixmax. Contacts are also synced from Google Contacts and Salesforce lists automatically.


Email addresses can be associated with only one contact

Currently a contact can only have one email address, and that email address cannot be used for another contact.

_idStringUnique ID
userIdStringYour user id
emailStringEmail address for the contact. Addresses are always lowercase. This is unique per user - there will only ever be one contact per email address per Mixmax user. Can be specified as a single email or as a String list of comma-separated emails.
nameStringName for the contact, or null if it isn't set
timestampTimestampUnix timestamp of when the contact was last emailed
usedCountNumberThe number of times this person was contacted.
contactIdStringGoogle ID that this contact is associated with, if a contact exists in Google Contacts for this same email address.
salesforceIdStringSalesforce ID that this contact is associated with, if a contact exists in Salesforce (either contact or a lead) for this same email address.
metaObjectContact variables from any source (ex. Salesforce) that are used to populate sequences and templates variables.

If expand is set in the query with 'firstName' or 'lastName', then it will populate 'First Name' and 'Last Name' metadata properties if they not exist already. The values for these fields will be derived from the Contact's name. If expand is set with 'salesforce' it will populate meta values from the connected salesforce instance if a salesforce Contact or Lead exists for this mixmax contact.
analyticsObjectAnalytics for the contact.
lockedString[]A list of uneditable fields for this contact. These custom fields, if added, will be overridden in template insertion.


The search string will match either email or the name of the contact. In addition, the following search operators are supported (see below). Multiple-word values for search operators must be escaped in quotes (e.g. name:"brad vogel").

What you can search bySearch operator & example
The contact's email addressemail:[email protected] or email:[email protected],[email protected]

Exact email required. Matches case-insensitively.
The contact's full namename:Mixmax

Partial match on contact name. Matches case-insensitively. Only one name: search operator supported.
Groups the contact is ingroups:"my group name"

Exact, case-sensitive match on group name. If multiple group: search operators passed they will be treated as an AND (i.e. contacts returned must be in all groups).