Get a list of meeting invites.

userIdStringThe _id of the user who created the meeting type.
creationDateDoubleTimestamp represented in ms.
locationStringThe meeting location.
descriptionStringA description of the event.
titleStringThe event's title on a calendar.
timezoneStringThe timezone of the event, e.g. America/Los_Angeles
calendarNameStringThe name of the calendar the invite is on.
localeStringThe user's locale, e.g. 'en'
guestsCanModifyBooleanWhether invited guests can modify the event.
timeslotsArray of ObjectsArray of timeslots specified by the meeting invite creator. Children have ISO dates 'start' and 'end'.
timeslots[].eventsObject[]Events booked for a timeslot.
timeslots[].events[].idStringThe Google Calendar event ID.
timeslots[].events[].customFieldsString[]Custom field responses entered by the meeting guest with the same order as this meetinginvite's root customFields property.
timeslots[].events[].guestObjectThe guest of the booked meeting.
allowDoubleBookingsBooleanWhether to allow double bookings.
additionalGuestsArray of ObjectsArray of guests to add to the calendar event as ‘accepted’ once the event is created. Guest objects have 'name' and 'email'.
meetingTypeIdStringThe ID of the meetingType the invite was created from.
createdByIdStringThe ID of the user who organized this meeting. This will be set and different from userId if someone sends availability on behalf of a teammate via /meeting.
customFieldsObject[]Custom fields filled out by the meeting booker during booking.
customFields[].labelStringThe custom field label used to denote the custom field.
customFields[].requiredBooleanWhether the custom field is required to be completed for meeting booking.
integrationsObjectFlags to enable integrations with various products.
integrations.zoomBooleanIf enabled, a Zoom meeting url will be prepended to the location field of an event booked through this meeting invite.

Requires that the user grants access to their Zoom account.
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