Returns messages (emails) that are in draft, have been scheduled to send, or have been sent.

"Messages" represent emails sent via Mixmax that are sent using the Mixmax compose window or automatically using the Sequences feature.

Messages can be in the following states:

  • Draft: If the message has the body property but not sendingError, then it's still in draft and hasn't been sent.
  • Attempted to send but with error: If the message has the the sendingError property but not sent property.
  • Sent: If the message has the sent property, then it has been successfully sent.
  • Scheduled: If the message has the scheduled property, then it is scheduled to send at that timestamp.
_idStringUnique ID
userIdStringYour user id
createdTimestampWhen the message was first created as a draft
updatedAtTimestampWhen the message was last modified (usually when it was last saved as a draft)
fromObject"From" address. This is one of your email addresses.
from.emailStringEmail of 'from' address
from.nameStringName of 'from' address
from.isDelegatedBooleanTrue if this message is set to send from another user who has delegated sending access
toArrayRecipients of message in the 'to' field
to.emailStringEmail of the 'to' address
to.nameStringName of the 'to' address, if it exists
ccArrayRecipients of message in the 'cc' field, if specified
cc.emailStringEmail of the 'cc' address
cc.nameStringName of the 'cc' address, if it exists
bccArrayRecipients of message in the 'bcc' field, if specified
bcc.emailStringEmail of the 'bcc' address
bcc.nameStringName of the 'bcc' address, if it exists
subjectStringSubject of the message
trackingEnabledBooleanTrue if email tracking is enabled for this message
linkTrackingEnabledBooleanTrue if this message has link tracking enabled
fileTrackingEnabledBooleanTrue if this message has file tracking enabled
notificationsEnabledBooleanTrue if this message has "Desktop notifications" enabled
teamIdsArrayArray of team ids that email tracking results are synced to
followUpObjectExists if a reminder was set for this message
followUp.unparsedDateStringText that was typed into the date field, e.g. "In 2 days"
followUp.triggerStringOne of noReply, notRead, or regardless
followUp.descriptionStringNote for the followup, if there was one
attachmentsArrayArray of "traditional" attachments
attachments.nameStringFilename of the attachment
attachments.typeStringMimetype of the attachment, if known.
attachments.sizeNumberThe size of the file in bytes, if known.
snippetIdsArrayArray of snippet (template) ids that were used in this message.
sequenceObjectIf this message was sent automatically as a sequence, this will have details about that sequence.
sequence.idStringID of the sequence that triggered this message
sequence.stageIdStringID of the sequence stage that triggered this message
sequence.recipientIdStringID of the sequence recipient that triggered this message
bodyStringHTML body of the message. Won't exist if sent property exists, as Mixmax forgets about the message body after it is sent.
userHasModifiedBooleanTrue if the user has edited message. False if message was created and the user hasn't started typing yet, or if the message was created via automated means such as Mixmax Rule. Defaults to false.
scheduledTimestampIf this message is scheduled to send (and has not send yet), this is the timestamp of when it will send.
sentTimestampDate the message was sent successfully. If this exists, you can assume the message was sent properly.
sendingErrorStringIndicates that the message failed to send.
errorResponseStringWill exist only if sendingError exists. Contains the raw error response from the SMTP server, if the error was due to a SMTP failure.