Adds new recipients to a Sequence.


Have you seen Incoming Webhooks?

See Incoming Webhooks that allow you to easily add a sequence recipient without writing code

Note that you do not need to create a Contact first in order to add a sequence recipient.

Response structure



Duplicated and unsubsribed recipients are NOT recognized case-sensitively. So [email protected] is different from [email protected]

recipientsArray The list of processed recipients
recipients.emailString The email of the processed recipients
recipients.statusStringOne of the following values:
success The sequence was sent or scheduled successfully.
error Sequence was not sent. The error will be on the errors array.
duplicated This sequence was already sent to this recipient, and was skipped.
unsubscribed Recipient has unsubscribed. They will not be added to the sequence.
[recipients.errors]String[]If the status is error, this property will contain an array of errors found while processing the recipient.