Returns a list of sequences that you have access to

_idString Unique ID
userIdStringYour user id
createdAtDateWhen the sequence was created
nameStringUser-configured name of the sequences
sendStagesAsRepliesBooleanValue of the "Send each stage as a reply to the previous message" checkbox
stagesArrayArray of sequence stage ids. use the /sequences/stages/:id API to fetch these. Supports expansion (pass expand=stages on the URL for full stages).
ccArrayArray of CC recipients (configured when creating the sequence)
cc.emailStringEmail of CC recipient
cc.nameStringName of CC recipient (if provided)
bccArrayArray of BCC recipients
bcc.emailStringEmail of BCC recipient
bcc.nameStringName of BCC recipient (if provided)
linkTrackingEnabledBooleanTrue if the "Link tracking" checkbox was checked when creating the sequence
notificationsEnabledBooleanTrue if the "Desktop notifications" checkbox was checked when creating the sequence
teamIdsArrayArray of team ids that messages will be synced to (so they can see in their Team Live Feed)
variablesArrayArray of variables that are used in this sequence
crmsConnectedArrayList of CRMs connected (if logTo) is true.
crmsConnected.nameStringName of CRM
crmsConnected.logToBooleanTrue if logging to to this CRM
updatedAtDateWhen a recipient was last added to the sequence.
timezoneStringThe time zone in which the sequence was created. Used to populate smart variables, such as {{time of day}}. Time zone is a valid IANA time zone
sharedObjectSee format