Fetch a single meeting type.

_idStringUnique ID
userIdStringThe _id of the user who created the meeting type.
createdAtDateWhen the meeting type was created.
updatedAtDateWhen the meeting type was last updated.
nameStringThe name of the meeting type displayed in the UI. Defaults to New meeting type.
durationMinNumberThe length of the meeting type in minutes. Defaults to 30.
daysFromNowObjectThe time window in which meetings of this type can be made.
daysFromNow.startNumberMinimum number of days from today to suggest meeting slots. Defaults to 1.
daysFromNow.endNumberMaximum number of days from today to suggest meeting slots. Defaults to 21.
daysFromNow.unitString'weekdays' or 'days. If 'weekdays', weekend days will be ignored when determining availability.
day[0-6]ObjectAvailability configuration by weekday.
day[0,6].enabledBooleanWhether to allow meetings of this type to be booked on this day. Defaults to false.
day[1-5].enabledBooleanWhether to allow meetings of this type to be booked on this day. Defaults to true.
day[0-6].timeslotsObject[]The collection of timeslots for which you're available during this day. These timeslots cannot overlap, though startTimes and endTimes can match.
day[0-6].timeslots.startTimeStringStart time of timeslot during which meetings of this type can be made. Format must match "HH:mm:ss". Defaults to '09:00:00'.
day[0-6].timeslots.endTimeStringEnd time timeslot during which meetings of this type can be made. Format must match "HH:mm:ss". Defaults to '17:00:00'.
defaultsObjectDefaults to be used in the calendar invitation of meetings booked of this type.
defaults.titleStringThe default calendar event title. Defaults to ''.
defaults.locationStringThe default calendar event location. Defaults to ''.
defaults.descriptionStringThe default calendar event description. Defaults to ''.
linkStringThe URL slug to use for this meeting type's calendar. Defaults to meetingtype_<random number>.
bufferNumberThe amount of time in between meetings, in the range of 0 - 60 minutes.
calendarIdsString[]The Google Calendar IDs of the calendars on which meetings of this meeting type will be scheduled. If multiple calendars are added to a meeting type, meetings will be booked round-robin between those calendars.
roundRobinQueueNumber[]The round robin queue. Each element value is an index of a calendar ID in the meeting type's calendarIds. Calendars at the beginning of this queue will be preferred for booking when someone selects an available timeslot for this meeting type where multiple calendars have availability.
preventDoubleBookingString[]An array of Google Calendar IDs for which double booking will be prevented. Meetings of this meeting type can not be booked during times where there are 'busy' events on these calendars. The meeting type's calendarId calendar is always taken into account for double booking prevention, regardless of whether it's included in this property.
defaultGuestsObject[]An array of default guests to be added to meetings of this type.
defaultGuests[].nameStringThe name of the default guest.
defaultGuests[].emailStringThe email of the default guest.
defaultGuests[].requiredBooleanWhether the default guest should be added as a required attendee of booked meetings of this type.
customFieldsObject[]Custom fields shown to viewers of this meeting type's public calendar when they book timeslots.
customFields[].labelStringThe label shown by the custom field.
customFields[].typeStringThe type of custom field input. One of the following: 'textSingleLine'.
customFields[].requiredBooleanWhether a meeting booker is required to complete the field.
roomsAndResourcesObject[]Google calendar resources that Mixmax will attempt to reserve when a Meeting Type-backed meeting is scheduled.
roomsAndResources[].labelStringThe label shown by the Google calendar resource.
roomsAndResources[].resourceEmailStringThe unique email assigned to the Google Calendar resource.
integrationsObjectFlags to enable integrations with various products.
integrations.zoomBooleanIf enabled, a Zoom meeting url will be prepended to the location field of an event booked through this meeting type.

Requires that the user grants access to their Zoom account.
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