Returns a list of enhancements that you have access to.

_idString Unique ID
idStringUnique id used for analytics purposes. Can be ignored.
userIdStringOwner id. Omitted if the enhancement is global to all users
createdAtDateCreated date
nameStringUI only. The name of the enhancement.
iconStringUI only. Icon that shows up in the Enhance menu.
iconTooltipStringUI only. The tooltip that shows up over the Enhance menu.
editorUrlStringSee enhancements
commandsArrayOptional list of commands that should launch this enhancement.
resolverUrlStringSee enhancements
activateUrlStringSee enhancements
editorHeightNumberHeight in pixels that the popup editor window should be
editorWidthNumberWidth in pixels that the popup editor window should be
categoryStringThe category it should show up in.
isEditableBooleanDefault to false. True if this enhancement should show the pencil edit icon over the card.
sharedArraySee shared