/snippets (aka Templates)

Lists templates or snippets that you have access to (including those shared with you)

_idStringUnique ID.
userIdStringUser _id of the snippet owner. Note that this isn't always your userId, since the template might be shared with you.
createdAtDateTimestamp of when the snippet was created.
savedAtDateTimestamp of when the snippet last modified.
savedByStringID of the user that last saved the snippet.
deletedAtDateTimestamp of when the snippet was deleted.
archivedAtDateTimestamp of when the snippet was archived.
titleStringThe string to use for the subject of the message this template is inserted into.
sourceStringHTML source of the template.
nameStringThe name of this template. Not used anywhere when the template is inserted.
sharedObjectSee docs.
customShortcutStringThe shortcut this snippet can be identified by for quick insertion.


The search string will match either name or the subject of the snippet. In addition, the following search operators are supported (see below). Multiple-word values for search operators must be escaped in quotes (e.g. name:"my sales template"). This does not currently support searching the body of the snippet.

What you can search bySearch operator & example
The snippet's namename:"my template name"

This search only applies to the snippet's name. Matches case-sensitively. Only one name: search operator supported.
The snippet's subjectname:"my template subject"

This search only applies to the snippet's subject.
Matches case-sensitively. Only one subject: search operator supported.
The snippet's tagfolder:"my awesome sales pitches"

Search snippets in the specified folder. Matches folder name case-sensitively. Only one folder: search operator supported.
The snippet's creatorowner:myself
owner:"my team"
owner:[email protected]

Search snippets belonging to yourself, your team, or a particular email. Matches case-insensitively. Only one owner: search operator supported.
The snippet's custom shortcutcustomShortcut:"hi"

This search only applies the the snippet's custom shortcut, matches case insensitively.