Retrieves the recipients belonging to the specified sequence. The list of recipients only includes recipients that were activated, it does not include recipients currently in the draft area.

Note: This endpoint uses different pagination than most API endpoints. Rather than receiving an object with "results" and "next" keys, you will receive a single array of results as a response. Use the offset query parameter to fetch the next page of results. For example, if you used limit=50 to retrieve the first page, then use offset=50 to retrieve the second page, offset=100 to retrieve the third page, and so on. If you receive as many records as you requested via limit, make a subsequent request with an increased offset to retrieve more records.

Recipient structure

_idStringUnique ID
userIdStringUser ID that created this recipient
createdAtDateWhen it was created
updatedAtDateWhen it was last updated
sequenceIdStringID of the sequence this recipient is associated with
emailStringThe email address of the recipient
stateStringOne of the following: active, failed, completed
variablesObjectArbitrary key/value pairs for this recipient. If the content {{<key name>}} exists in the sequence body, it will be substituted for the corresponding value (from this object) when the sequence is sent. NOTE: this property will only be present if the includeVariables query parameter is true.